Inappropriate Happiness

It’s April, 2008. The first iPhones are on the market, housing prices are exploding, and Beatrice McPhee—painter, recent art school graduate, and subprime mortgage owner—just ran into the world’s biggest jerk on a San Francisco train platform. This is no meet-cute; the jerk in question is Alex Kaufmann—cybercriminal, insomniac, and borderline sociopath. He’s about to hack the fourth-largest bank in California, a snap for him, if he hadn’t just pissed off Beatrice by cutting in front of her in line for the train. She will turn Alex’s life upside-down, much to the chagrin of his partner, Amelia Halcyon—ADA consultant, wheelchair user, and con artist—who has her own reasons for hacking the bank. She needs this job to go perfectly. Too bad the bank’s chief investment officer, Reverdy Harper, has moved everything into mortgage-backed securities . . . and his boss has no idea. Over the next two weeks, these four lives will intersect and entangle, and neither they, nor the entire housing market itself, will ever be the same.

Coming spring, 2022 from Adelaide Books.