Commentaries from KQED-FM's "Perspectives" series.

Not Just a Clerk
April 26th, 2013


My Son's Skirts
April 10th, 2012


A Two-Minute Survival Guide to Raising Twins
November 18th, 2010


What Are You Writing For?
April 1st, 2008


The Real Problem With Cell Phones
August 14th, 2007


Oakland, the New San Francisco
April 11th, 2007


Marathons and Masochism
January 18th, 2006


Horror Movies and the Afterlife
April 12th, 2005


Lesbians On My Sidewalk
January 27th, 2004


September 2nd, 2003


Slavery and the Passive Voice
A scheduling conflict prevented this
from airing in July, 2003


The Subersive Qualities of Male Knitting
July 5, 2003


Poetry and School Violence
March 18th, 2003


Step Up to the Plate, Bill Gates!
February 16th, 2003


This seven-minute reading is from an event at The Writing Salon on March 22nd, 2003. To hear individual poems from that reading, click a title below:

Toilet Stall Confessional
How She Got Out
My Father Makes Me Practice My Name

from Grandmother Sonnets:
Dream of My Grandmother #2
The Gate